Fertility + Motherhood Packages



- Ina May Gaskin


Katya Mosely is a women’s health specialist with a passion for easing the transition into pregnancy and motherhood. From the zero to the fourth trimester, her goal is to help women achieve optimal health and comfort and to feel supported and fully informed about their choices during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She offers packages for new and existing pregnant patients.


MAIDEN TO MAMA - 36 to 40 weeks

Holistic Labor Preparation

  • Weekly acupuncture treatments including the initial consultation and 4 subsequent treatments

  • Herbal and Nutritional Counseling

  • Emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after birth

  • Phone, text and email availability before baby arrives

  • Guidance towards the upcoming postpartum shift

  • Referrals to a wide variety of birth community professionals


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FULLEST MOON - 40+ Weeks

Unmedicated Labor Induction

  • Three acupuncture treatments from due date on (includes initial consultation)

  • Herbal and Nutritional counseling

  • Emotional, physical and informational support before, during and after birth

  • Phone, text and email availability until baby arrives

  • Referrals to a wide variety of pre and postpartum professionals


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SITTING MOON - The Fourth Trimester

Postpartum Support From the Comforts of Your Own Home

“Sitting Moon” refers to the crucial first month postpartum when a mother should be nurtured and replenished with nutritious foods and herbs in order to regain her vitality and prevent postpartum imbalance. It’s an ancient Chinese tradition that is often lost in our fast-paced world, in which women are often expected to return to life’s responsibilities immediately after they birth their baby. Katya strongly encourage new mothers to take the time to physically and emotionally recover from your body’s transformation to motherhood.

Katya strongly encourages new mothers to take this sacred time to honor the physical and emotional transformation to motherhood.

  • Three acupuncture in-home treatments during the fourth trimester

  • Herbal and Nutritional counseling

  • Emotional, physical and informational support

  • Phone, text, and email support during the Sitting Moon time period

  • Referrals to a wide variety of postpartum professionals




If you are unable to travel to our offices, arrangements can be made for treatment in your home. Katya will come to you at your preferred location to conduct your session. Like the other acupuncture treatments, the initial visit may take up to 90 minutes and each subsequent appointment will be 1 hour. Rates begin at $400. Please email us for more information. Please email us at hello@spritigatela.com for more information.


“Katya warmly mothered me through the end of my third pregnancy and into new motherhood. I initially sought her help because our baby was transverse breach at 28 weeks. My doctor was threatening an external cephalic version (a "version" or "ECV"), and I didn't like the risks associated with the procedure. Katya not only turned my baby in one session of acupuncture and moxibustion, but she also provided me with a sense of calm and rest that made me continue to seek her nurturing. Katya next naturally nudged our baby's birth when he was a week late, thus supporting my vision of childbirth without induction drugs.

Katya's true gift lies beyond the technical and the practical. She sees women. She felt my anxiety and fears and was able to heal and support me because she came from a place of love and acknowledgment. For that reason, I continue to count on Katya for all the ups and downs of my journey through motherhood. She's not just a practitioner, she's a healer and friend.”
- Erin Erenberg, Founder and CEO, Totum Women