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Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes. Please avoid coming in with an empty stomach or immediately after a large meal. During your appointment, Katya will take a detailed medical history, review all of your medications and supplements, address your concerns, and devise a treatment plan. This process takes approximately one hour in addition to your acupuncture treatment. At the end of your visit, she will recommend any supplements or herbal formulas that may be appropriate.

First visits are approximately 90 minutes and subsequent treatments will take 1 hour.

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"I’ve gone to many great acupuncturists in Los Angeles and Katya Mosely is by far the practitioner that made the biggest impact on my health and well-being. I started going to her when I was pregnant and she helped with so many issues that came up along that journey, like turning my breech baby! She’s simply fantastic and I feel very lucky to have her be a part of my life.”
- Emily Baldoni, Actress