“Plants are the medicine of the past and medicine of the future.”

- Roy Upton


As a licensed herbalist, Katya uses the Chinese Medicinal Pharmacopiea, including over 400 herbs, to treat imbalances naturally and effectively. Using whole herbs to create customized formulas brings the complexity and balance inherent in nature to safely treat, repair and restore. 



Tailor made formulas are available through our clinic as well as pre-made capsules that treat the majority of common conditions. During your acupuncture appointment, we will discuss the benefits of each approach, so that we can make a recommendation that will work for you.


"After going through a divorce, my immune system was really low. I seemed to catch every person’s cold I came into contact with, which resulted in being sick 8 times in one year. Katya helped me address this issue through acupuncture and herbs. Katya develops a wonderful sense of trust with her patients and because of that, I am started seeing her for additional guidance on nutrition and women’s health.”
- MR, Director of Client Relations