After going through a divorce, my immune system was really low. I seemed to catch every person’s cold I came into contact with, which resulted in being sick 8 times in one year. Katya helped me address this issue through acupuncture and herbs. Katya develops a wonderful sense of trust with her patients and because of that, I am started seeing her for additional guidance on nutrition and women’s health.
— MR, Director of Client Relations

I have suffered from mid back pain and sciatica for years. After being treated by Katya Mosely, my pain has been significantly reduced, and I have also felt great improvement in my general health. She has a calm and relaxing demeanor, and is very thorough in her approach.
— LG, Costume Designer

Katya has a very soothing demeanor and manages to take the sting out of acupuncture. She is able to focus on specific problems without losing sight of the big picture. An attentive listener, Katya offers real world advice in a patient and inspiring manner. After seeing her for only a few sessions, I noted a marked difference in my flexibility and vitality.
— IH, Set Designer
After several stressful years of owning my own business, I began noticing some unpleasant physical changes. My menstrual cycles were long, heavy, and very painful, my breasts were tender, I was exhausted all the time, my skin was breaking out, and my digestion was very slow. After a battery of blood tests performed by Western MD’s, I was told that I was “normal” and “just stressed”. I came to Katya full of frustration. I knew that my symptoms were very real, but I had no idea what to do about them. From the moment I met Katya, I felt at ease. She listened carefully and thoughtfully to my entire medical history, as well as my life experiences over the previous few years. After consistent acupuncture and herbs, my breast tenderness went away, my skin cleared up, and I had more energy. Over time, my periods began to get shorter and more manageable.

I highly recommend Katya for anyone who is injured, chronically sick, stressed, or simply wants to feel better and get proactive about their health. Her touch with the needles is effective yet gentle. She is thoughtful, thorough, creative, and knowledgeable, and she treats her patients with warmth and respect. And best of all, among her healing skills is a wicked sense of humor. I trust that each time I leave Katya’s office, I will feel rejuvenated, hopeful, and I will probably be smiling.
— GF, Yoga Instructor

I moved to Los Angeles in 2003 from NYC and had a hard time trying to replace all of my health practitioners. I am very happy I found Katya. She takes her time to find out your history and habits and concentrates on the specific area that needs attention. She is very knowledgeable and has a great touch with her acupuncture placement. I enjoy coming to her for my treatments and I recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture that I come in contact with.
— KK, Hair Stylist
Katya is the most phenomenal, compassionate and effective acupuncturist that I have ever worked with–and I have worked with MANY. Growing up, I was constantly sick and very quickly became disillusioned with allopathic medicine. While eastern medicine proved to be more helpful for me, I still dealt with a lot of ups and downs until working with Katya.

Katya is the kind of acupuncturist who not only says she cares about you and your progress, but who proves it each week. She is an excellent needler and lying on her table feels blissful; I have never felt any pain whatsoever from her work.

The best thing about Katya is the rapid change that I have experienced working with her. In just three sessions, I felt like a different person. Katya has helped contribute to making me feel better than I have ever felt and for that I am eternally grateful.
— RK, Entrepreneur

Each time I have been treated by Katya it has been a wonderfully peaceful healing experience. Katya’s ability to listen and actually hear what I’m saying is perhaps one of her finest qualities. In a world that moves to fast, Katya has a way of slowing it down and focusing on her patient and their health. Her acupuncture technique is excellent! It’s just a great feeling to know that she’s there when I need her.
— LT, Artist